Eco Leaders logoWelcome to the 2017 Eco Leaders website, you will find everything you need for the upcoming academic year on this site. Please explore the Curriculum Tab above to find the weekly articles, videos and infographs you will be responsible for reading before the date of that weekly meeting. These articles will help you better understand the weekly topics we will be discussing and prepare you for class. The weekly report tab is where you tell us what you have been up to during your 5 hours of engagement work. You will notice the weekly reports have check boxes with specific tasks for each week. Your weekly reports are due each week by 4pm on Thursday. Please make sure you are reading all your articles and completing all your weekly reports. Finally, below are the important dates you need to schedule your time as an Eco Leader around and make sure you are available if needed for volunteering/work.

Important Dates

  • Early Move In and Overnight Retreat at Mountain Campus: August 13-14
  • On-Campus Training: August 15
  • Cardboard Corrals and Waste Management for Move In: August 16-17
  • First Day of Classes: August 21
  • Environmental Eats: 
    • September 28
    • October 12
    • November 16
    • January 18
    • February 8
  • President's Picnic: September 20
  • Green Warrior: Sep 18 – Nov 13
  • Plate Waste Audit: October 18
  • Fall Break: Nov 18-26
  • Finals: Dec 11-15